Wood Holley Lumber Company is a family owned manufacturer of kiln-dried hardwood lumber located in south-west Alabama. Founded in 1996 by Wood and Jan Holley, Wood Holley Lumber has been servicing the hardwood industry with quality and integrity for over 20 years. But it didn’t start there- the roots of the company run deep through the history of the Alabama timber and lumber industry.

Wood’s near-lifelong experience began in high school working summer jobs at the local sawmill. He progressed through college and found his way back to the industry- selling grade lumber and flooring to customers around the world. Throughout this time, he learned the value of hard work and saw the need for quality hardwood lumber both here in the states and abroad. Jan grew up in the timber industry where her family harvested timber dating back to the 1950’s. She saw the evolution of technology which changed the industry and allowed for timber to be more sustainably harvested. Their combined experience from roots to consumer would build what is Wood Holley Lumber Company today.

Today, Wood Holley Lumber is utilizing multiple sawmills and drying facilities to bring hardwood lumber to market. Grade quality, attention to detail and customer integrity is what has sets us apart….


We produce quality and take care of our customers!